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End modern slavery now || Stop human trafficking || Beendet Menschenhandel und moderne Sklaverei

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The following list shows many important organizations who fight to end human trafficking and modern slavery. 

Auflistung der wichtigsten Organisationen im Kampf gegen Menschenhandel und moderne Sklaverei.

pornography and sex trafficking - it's time to stop ignoring the links

 force, fraud and coercing during the porn production

3rd Annual International Symposium on Preventing Human Trafficking: Integrating the European Knowledge

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

Thorn Foundation - digital defenders of children, eliminating child sex slavery and human trafficking.

polarisproject - for a world without slavery

#Op Safe Kids : Anonymous #Op SafeKids has zero tolerance for sex trafficking of children, indecent images of children and sexual predators of children. 

The Code (short for “The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism”) is an industry-driven responsible tourism initiative with a mission to provide awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry in order to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.

virtualglobaltaskforce - combating online child sexual abuse

international justice mission secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression

sharedhope - leading a worldwide effort to eradicate sexual slavery

stopdemand - to live in a world free of sexual violence and sexual exploitation

27millionvoices - together we strive towards a world free of slavery by rasing awareness, working in partnership with affected communities, and enabling others to be actively involved in the global movement against human trafficking

free the slaves - we liberate slaves around the world and attack the systems that allow slavery to exist

la strada international - European Network against Trafficking in Human Beings

Forced Migration Current Awareness: Thematic Focus: Human Trafficking & Smuggling 2019 in events and publications

(archived) - a web resource for combating human trafficking

Wikipedia-Category: Organizations that combat human trafficking

human trafficking research - an interdisciplinary research project among economists, political scientists and criminologists

(archive) SlaveryMap

 twitter news on human trafficking

petitions against humantrafficking on

alliance against modern slavery - to research, educate and aid in partnership with public, private, non-profit, and governmental organizations to end slavery in our local and global communities - promoting the global fight on human trafficking, on the basis of international agreements reached at the UN. To date, 140 parties have signed the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons especially Women and Children, which supplements the Palermo Convention against transnational organized crime.

covenanteyes - how is pornography linked to sex-trafficking

covenanteyes/pureminds : $28-Billion-Crime: New film shows the dark connection between sex addiction and sex trafficking

be aware - pornharms // youtube playlist

covenanteyes/breaking free blog : Porn and Sex-Trafficking: A Convergence of Religious Leaders Speak Out

notforsalecampaign - Not For Sale equips and mobilizes Smart Activists to deploy innovative solutions to re-abolish slavery in their own backyards and across the globe.
Together, we can end slavery in our lifetime.

the cnn freedom project - ending modern-day slavery

crosswalk - entries on human trafficking

(archive) suportsss - stop sex slavery

fdfi / human trafficking 

stopthetraffik - people shouldn`t be bought and sold

end human trafficking


end slavery now

blueblindfold campaign


WEA: Europe and the USA should combine their Expertise in the Battle against Human Trafficking

Google Ideas Hangout: Disrupting human-trafficking with data

truckers against trafficking

hope for the sold

human trafficking awareness

free the captives houston

abolition now

iowa naht

Die Forschungsstudie "Entwicklung tragfähiger Unterstützungsstrukturen für die Betroffenen von Menschenhandel zur Arbeitsausbeutung" ist fertig gestellt und dem Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soziales übergeben worden.

Aktionsbündnis gegen Frauenhandel

clearwater/tampa bay area task force on human trafficking - fighting human trafficking in the tampa bay area

U.S. department of health and human services/administration for children and families - the campaign to rescue and restore victims of human trafficking

love146 - end child sex slavery and exploitation

international human trafficking task force - stop the torture !

association of sites advocating child protection

stopchildslavery - Child slavery is a problem larger than most are willing to admit.
We need more voices crying out for it’s end. We need more people awakened to the horrors inflicted on our innocents. We need to make a stand and call out for others to make a stand as well. We need education. We need action.

european commission - fight against trafficking in human beings

circamp - Cospol Internet Related Child Abusive Material Project

organization for security and cooperation in europe -entries on human trafficking

council of europe - action against trafficking in human beings

Anti-Trafficking website of the Council of Europe

enacso - european NGO alliance for child safety online

protectionproject - elimination of trafficking in persons

national human trafficking resource center - toll-free hotline by polarisproject

astra - anti trafficking action

pornharms - entries on sex trafficking

Von über 250 Organisationen unterstützte traffickinghub Kampagne

atest - today, there are more men, women and children enslaved than at any time in history. together, we can stop slavery once and for all


crossing munich : orte bilder und debatten der migration in der rathausgalerie münchen. „Menschen[ver]handel[t]“ greift eine der neuesten Entwicklungen der europäischen Migrationspolitik auf und analysiert sie hinsichtlich ihrer Auswirkungen auf den lokalen Kontext: Untersucht werden die Genese und die Positionen des Menschenhandelsdiskurses, insbesondere in seiner Verbindung mit Frauenhandel und Zwangsprostitution.

abolish human trafficking blog : a deeper look at human trafficking and exploitation within the US and abroad

blog to provide a resource for legal information and opinion on trafficking in human beings

stoploverboys - information about manipulating pimps

ecpat - end child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes

roter keil - netzwerk gegen kinderprostitution

shelley lubben - porn as a driver for prostitution and sex trafficking

hookers for jesus - human sex trafficking FAQ`s

inhope - working to make the internet a safer place

Die Fachberatungsstelle JADWIGA setzt sich für die Rechte der Opfer von Frauenhandel ein. Sie bietet umfassende Unterstützung und Hilfen für die Betroffenen in Krisensituationen an

solwodi - Solidarity with women in distress - Solidarität mit Frauen in Not

kampagne *stoppt zwangsprostitution*

Swiss Foundation of Terre des hommesTerre des hommes Foundation, Lausanne, (Tdh) has focused on child trafficking since 1999. Resisting child trafficking is one of its organisational priorities.

Information and Resources for Emergency Healthcare Providers

terre des femmes - einträge über frauenhandel

rekni to - together against human trafficking. don't be afraid to say it for her

unstoppable redeemer , blog by Iana Matei, European Of The Year in recognition of her work rescuing minor aged girls from trafficking and forced prostitution.


amnesty international - entries on trafficking

say no - unite to end violence against women

humsec - linklist about trafficking

daughters of cambodia - changing lives for victims of trafficking in cambodia

KOK - German nationwide activist coordination group combating trafficking in women and violence against women in the process of migration

stopsellingsex - Confronting Demand – Raising Awareness – Supporting Rescue


rodedraad - The Red Thread was founded in 1985 by (ex) sexworkers with the aim to fight the rights of all sexworkers, who work in the Netherlands, whether male, female, Dutch or foreign. Its strong point is that its expertise comes straight from contacts with sexworkers

comensha - la strada nederland against human trafficking

salvaticopii - save the children romania

traffickingproject - an online movement working to raise awareness of modern day slavery

fairwork : FairWork wil iedereen in Nederland bewust maken van het feit dat er, vlak onder onze ogen, mensen in moderne slavernij leven

free for life international - breaking the chains of human trafficking

Art Project 1001001 - fight global human trafficking using art

antislavery - today's fight for tomorrow's freedom

traffickingwatch - blog to provide information about human trafficking, particularly as it relates to the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act 2007

human trafficking database

covenanteyes : the link between pornography and sex-trafficking

 Dirty Dozen | Morality in Media | Porn Harms

World’s ‘hottest’ porn star gives life to God

Netzwerk zur Beendigung der Prostitution durch das Sexkaufverbot

Petition "Sexkauf bestrafen, Prostitution abbauen"

Missy Magazine / Sexarbeit

Sonja Dolinsek: Warum ich den Appell gegen Prostitution der EMMA und von Alice Schwarzer ablehne.

voice4sexworkers: Kritik an Solveig Senft

voice4sexworkers: Kritik an der Studie “Does Legalization of Prostitution Increase Human Trafficking”

voice4sexworkers: offener Brief an Alice Schwarzer

Prostitutionsdebatte: Wie Sexarbeiter*innen und Betroffene von Menschenhandel gegeneinander ausgespielt werden

youtube 2014 Kongreß gegen Sexkauf

Demoaufruf Plattform Frankfurt: Freie berufliche Betätigung in der Prostitution, rechtliche Gleichstellung von Sexarbeit mit anderen Erwerbstätigkeiten, Regulierung von Prostitutionsstätten nach § 14 Gewerbeordnung – Schluss mit Sonderrecht, Anerkennung selbständiger Prostitution als freiberufliche Tätigkeit

SOLWODI-Gründerin: Sexarbeiter*innen als “Drecksarbeiter*innen”? Ein Kommentar

Wortflechte: Das Schweigen der Abolitionistinnen

Claudia Zimmermann-Schwartz: Prostitution - eine wissensbasierte feministische Debatte ist überfällig!

Deutschlandfunk: Jedes Verbot ist ein heimliches Gebot 

Hydra Berlin

Sverigesradio / Sex-Kauf-Verbot ohne Wirkung / Sex-Kauf-Verbot ohne Wirkung

Runder Tisch Prostitution

Irmingard Schewe-Gerigk: Mehr Rechte verhindern Ausbeutung

Helga Konrad/IDM: Menschenhandel: Breaking the cycle

Shelter „Safe House”/NGO Latvia

réseau méditerranéen contre la traite des femmes (MNATW)

the voices and faces project


nia - working to end male violence against women and girls

MCWO - unifying Malta's women’s NGOs

Hungarian Women's Lobby

Good Shepherd Sisters Philippines

Good Shepherd Taiwan

Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle (CLES)

Buklod Center

associazione iroko onlus



LEFÖ/ IBF - Interventionsstelle für Betroffene von Frauenhandel

FIZ Fachstelle Frauenhandel und Frauenmigration


TTRP - the trafficking research project

TRACE - trafficking as a criminal enterprise


Organisationen auf Facebook gegen Human Trafficking

Shine a Light on Slavery Day

Menschenhandel und moderne Sklaverei heute

Trinidad & Tobago Anti-Human-Trafficking Project


shared hope international

la strada international

Voices of the Broken

polaris project

free the slaves

international justice mission


daily newsfeed on global human trafficking


CNN freedom

dna foundation


stop human trafficking


27 million voices

Art Project 1001001

anti slavery international

the no project

end slavery now

end sex trafficking

traffick 911

girls are not for sale

 dead pornstars memorial

guardian : The Journey: A short film on sex trafficking



further labels/tags: Lookism, jugendschutz, sexismus, TVPRA, moderne sklaverei, freiheitsberaubung, traffikinq, menneskehandel, trata de personas, inimkaubandus, ihmiskauppa, trgovanje ljudima, mensenhandel, emberkereskedelem, perdagangan manusia, mansal, buôn bán người, masnachu mewn pobl, чалавека гандлі, biashara ya binadamu, tao trafficking, மனித கடத்தல், మానవ రవాణా, การค้ามนุษย์..., obchodování s lidmi, insan kaçakçılığı, людини торгівлі..., մարդկանց թրաֆիքինգի, insan alveri, giza trafikoa, মানুষের বিকিকিনি, трафика на хора, 販賣人口, inimkaubanduse, ihmiskaupan, traite des êtres humains, tráfico de seres humanos, ადამიანით ვაჭრობის, της εμπορίας ανθρώπων, માનવ તસ્કરી, imen trafik, סחר בבני אדם, मानव तस्करी, gáinneáil ar dhaoine, 人身売買, מענטשלעך טראַפיקינג, ಮಾನವ ಕಳ್ಳಸಾಗಣೆ, el tràfic de persones, 인신 매매, cilvēku tirdzniecību, prekyba žmonėmis, traffikar tal-bnedmin, трговијата со луѓе, قاچاق انسان, tráfico de seres humanos, traficul de fiinţe umane, человека торговле, människohandel, трговине људима, obchodovaniu s ľuďmi, trgovini z ljudmi,

_________________________________________________________________________      Pornharms:


Presseberichte, Gerüchte, ungenaue Daten, unklare Faktenlage, Stimmungsmache zur (Zwangs)prostitution von Flüchtlingen und Gegenmaßnahmen durch diverse Organisationen

 yahoo/reuters: German authorities accused of playing down refugee shelter sex crime reports
 Brief paritätsischer Wfv, Landesfrauenrat, pro familia, LAG hess.Frauenbüros an Fraktionen hessischer Landtag
 huffpost: Flüchtlinge als "Freiwild": Sexuelle Übergriffe in Asylbewerberheimen
  spiegel: Zwangsprostitution von Flüchtlingen: In der Falle
  tz: Vergewaltigung und Prostitution in der Bayernkaserne?
 BR: Sexuelle Gewalt in Bayernkaserne - Polizei will Vorwürfe nicht bestätigen  focus: Sexuelle Gewalt in der Bayernkaserne - Flüchtlingsfrauen leiden unter katastrophalen Zuständen 
 Diskussion in der öffentlichen Facebookgruppe "Hilfe für Flüchtlinge in München"
   Rotlicht aus: Landesfrauenrat Baden-Württember, Sisters e.V. mit Botschaft gegen Sexkauf

UnterstützerInnen von "Rotlicht aus":

#Aufschrei #metoo

#humantrafficking  #EndHumanTrafficking _______________________________________________________________


Kampagne mit moralisch einwandfreiem,
jedoch wohl utopischem Ziel für das "älteste Gewerbe der Welt"

Flyer 2014 zur Ausstellung "Stop Sexkauf" (c) Kofra e.V.

Sybille Zumbeck 2001/ Die Prävalenz traumatischer Erfahrungen, Posttraumatischer Belastungsstörung und Dissoziation bei Prostituierten. Eine explorative Studie (Studienreihe Psychologische Forschungsergebnisse) ________________________________________________________

Criticism of Exoduscry  



Sicherheit für flüchtende Frauen und Kinder - Menschenhändler nutzen Ukrainekrieg aus - human trafficking of refugees


Пам’ятка для жінок: безпека при перетині кордону і в пошуку житла "Жінок, які прийняли рішення покинути країну, щоб захистити себе та своїх дітей, може очікувати важка дорога. Вони можуть бути вразливими до зловживань та експлуатації — особливо тому, що багато з них не знають, де буде наступна безпечна зупинка і кому вони можуть довіряти."

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twitter/ handel ludźmi

twitter/ торгівля людьми 

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